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March 3, 2014
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March 18, 2014
Feb. 25, 5:30p-8:00p
Eddie's Pizza, North Aurora
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Safety . . .
Elderly Service

I will continue to protect our most vulnerable citizens by implementing an Elderly Service Officer Program to reduce the exploitations of our county’s seniors through ongoing education.

I will also work closely with school officials to protect our children by expanding School Safety Programs; which will include School Intruder and Bullying safety, education, and prevention.

VISION pic The men and women of the Kane County Sheriff’s Office demonstrate a high level of professionalism. The Kane County Sheriff’s Office needs an experienced as well as innovative leader. As Sheriff I will introduce a fresh perspective and renewed vitality to further assist in crime prevention to provide a safer community. In this joint effort, I believe we can plan for a future of unparalleled quality in Efficiency, Service and Professionalism through Experience, Leadership, and fresh ideas


My background experience with gang and drug prevention has provided me with a unique insight.

Due to their easy access in nearly every home, over 7 million people, including children, abuse precription drugs making it the second most abused drug in our nation. As Sheriff I will expand and implement current programs to include information on the proper storage of these unsafe drugs, as well how to recognize and handle the presence of its abuse.

Additionally, I will direct the full force and resources of the Office to implement successful gang prevention strategies that bring together law enforcment, school officials, parents, and the community to prevent gang violence and the illegal drug trade and crimes that support it.

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