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Commendations . . .

...we had slipped on the shoulder of highway 47 near 90, into a ditch…Mr. Williams approached us with the utmost respect and care. This officer was immediately attentive to our problems and gave great care and concern to our safety and the safety of our two children. It was an honor to have been served by Mr. Williams…our encounter was comforting and appreciated.

Kane County Resident - 03/13/1994

Deputy Williams…I join with Warrants Section Commander Sergeant Mike Acosta in commending you for your actions…received a telephone call regarding the possible whereabouts of a suspect wants on an out-of-country Aggravated Battery warrant…reported member of a violent street gang…you went to the reported location and determined the suspect had fled out of the window…the suspect was apprehended. Your diligent actions and the combined efforts of the whole law enforcement team resulted in the arrest of a wanted violent felon… I join with the other member of this Department in commending you for a job well done.

F John Randall - Sheriff 09/29/1994

Kevin Williams helped my office contact ____ to let them know their father had been killed…Officer Williams spent a good hour at least with the family….[Williams] stated no one spoke very good [E]nglish. He did a super job communicating with the family…I would like to thank Officer Williams for his help.

Ken Toftoy, Coroner - 10/04/1994

I believe that Deputy Williams should be recognized by his self-initiation.

Sgt. Mike Acosta - 10/04/1994

Thank you for your cooperation and helping to keep the situation under control.

F. John Randall, Sheriff - 11/24/1994

Deputy Williams, working with the Batavia Police Department and the St Charles Police Department, provided information and assisted with surveillances resulting in the arrest of subjects for possession of a controlled substance. We would like to extend out gratitude to Deputy Williams…and look forward to working together in the future.

Det. Sgt. G.S. Thrun - 12/21/1994 ]

I and my family wish to commend [Kevin Williams and K Tindall] as we believe this may be beyond their call of duty. They showed kindness and helpfulness that “Thank You” seems a small way to show appreciation. Our “Thank you” comes sincerely from the heart.

Kane County (St Charles) Resident - 04/14/1995

…Williams represented your agency in a professional manner with total commitment to our stated goals. If all law enforcement agencies could exhibit the dedication and cooperation our departments have shared…surely we could have significant impact on our respective crime problems.

David Stover, Aurora Chief of Police - 11/15/1995

Deputy Williams assistance was greatly appreciated even though it meant sacrificing time that could have been spent with his family. I feel that Deputy Williams displays the un-selfish attitude that should be a model for all Sheriff Dept. Officers.

Sgt. T Friedrich - 04/14/1996

In this line of work it is always gratifying to receive letter of praise especially from our supervisors when performing a job well. To sacrifice your time for your time while off duty is commendable. I would like to thank you for your dedication to the Kane County Sheriff’s Office.

Kenneth Ramsey, Kane County Sheriff, 05/28/1996

You have proven again to be a tremendous asset to the entire department. Keep up the outstanding job.

Kenneth Ramsey, Kane County Sheriff, 07/05/1996

Your enthusiasm, ability to develop information and quick action are an asset to the Kane County Sheriff’s Department.

Det. Sgt. Patti Bowker, 06/20/1996

Detective Williams has proved once again to be an asset to your Department and a real team player with other police agencies. I would like to commend Detective Williams for a job well done.

Detective Sergeant G.S Thrun, Batavia Police Department, 06/14/1996

Dear Officer Williams…We look forward to continuing the outstanding working relationship with the Kane County Sheriff’s Office. We appreciate your efforts to keep our county and schools drug free.

Dan Bertrand, Principal Kaneland High School, 11/26/1196

…thank you very much for contributing to this unique learning experience! We, the WOW Day Committee and the staff at Dundee Middle School, appreciate your thoughtfulness.

The D.M.S. WOWO Day Committee, 03/11/1997

…This raid resulted in a seizure of 10,088 grams of cannabis…valued $22,000. You should be very proud of your work. The professionalism and dedication to duty is a credit to the entire department. Thank you.

Kenneth Ramsey, Kane County Sheriff, 09/17/1997

Deputy Williams… Again, I want to thank you for your actions and efforts in the peaceful arrest of a dangerous suspect.

Kenneth Ramsey, Sheriff, 10/19/1998

I want to particularly thank Detective Williams as he was the impetus for your agency’s involvement. My officers advise me that this is not the first time that Detective Williams has provided valuable and timely assistance to our agency. Kevin has been extremely helpful on many past occasions as well.

Robert Warner, Chief of Police, 03/16/1998

Officer K.E. Williams handled the investigation in a highly responsible and professional manner and brought perpetrators before the court.

Fox Mill Limited Partnership C Kenneth Blood, 11/24/1998

Sgt Williams...I want to express my gratitude for the assistance you offered during the hostage situation in Aurora Twp. The ability of so many departments to come together in an extreme situation like this is testimony to the dedication of each and every one of you…Thank you for your dedication and professionalism during this trying situation. You are a credit to this office. I am very proud of you.

Kenneth Ramsey, Sheriff, 8/31/1999

Williams…With the cooperation of all involved, long hours and hard work, the arrest of a cop killer was made with a twenty-two hour period. Thank you for a job well done. You are a credit to the men and women of the Kane County Sheriff’s Office.

Kenneth Ramsey, Sheriff, 6/29/2000

Sgt. Williams…Without cooperation and professionalism by you, your fellow officers, and FBI agents from the West Resident Agency, such an arrest may not have taken place. Your initiative and willingness to work with other departments brought this investigation to a successful conclusion.

Kenneth Ramsey, Sheriff, 7/12/2000

Sgt. Williams…Once again, thank you for representing this office in such a way that makes me proud that you are with the Kane County Sheriff’s Office.

Kenneth Ramsey, Sheriff, 8/1/2000

Please accept our departments gratitude for the rapid and professional response of Sgt Williams.

Robert Heitzman, Chief of Police Wayne Police Department, 9/14/2001

Sgt. Williams…You are a credit to this office, an inspiration to your fellow officers, and I am very proud to have you as one of my officers.

Kenneth Ramsey, Sheriff, 11/28/2001

It is clear that officer Williams has embraced the true meaning of public service…His service, above and beyond the call of duty, should be commended. Thank you for having professionals like Kevin Williams represent your office in such an exemplary manner!

Kane County Resident, 02/13/2002

Sgt. Williams…You are an impressive leader and you motivate others to a higher level of individual performance. You have lead your officers by example, and I am proud of you.

Kenneth Ramsey, Sheriff, 5/17/2004

Sgt. Williams…While assisting the Special Operations Unit in the execution of a search warrant recently, you were part of one of the biggest seizures in the history of Kane County…Demonstrating superior knowledge of duty and quality performance, the job was accomplished with admirable results.

Kenneth Ramsey, Sheriff, 7/29/2004

Lt. Williams… For your willingness to go the extra mile to conduct a complete investigation, I commend you for your thoroughness and spirit of teamwork.

Kenneth Ramsey, Sheriff, 8/23/2005

Lt. Williams… Your ability to immediately establish and maintain excellent rapport with subordinates on all levels prevented what could have been a less than successful outcome. Thanks for being a team player.

Kenneth Ramsey, Sheriff, 6/22/2006

Lt Williams…I take this time to recognize you for your work on the multi-county task force…you and Detective Collins…interviewed the subjects, receiving confessions of over fifty burglaries and an arson. As a result of search warrants being executed, over one hundred items of evidence were recovered and seized. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Patrick Perez, Sheriff, 1/2/2008

Lt Williams…It is with great pride that I write this letter thanking you…What I witnessed…was a cheerful, sincere, and professional attitude.

Patrick Perez, Sheriff, 8/20/2008

Due to Lt Williams involvements, 90 safety presentations to approximately 4,000 senior citizens were able to be conducted on behalf of Elgin Township... Because of his dedication and passion, he has been asked to be a keynote speaker at the National Association of TRIAD (NATI) conference …. Lt Williams… knowledge has been key in revitalizing Central Kane County and Southeast Kane County TRIADs as well.

Cherie Aschenbrenner, Elgin Township TRIAD President, 11/23/2009

Lt. Williams…I commend you for the time and energy you have poured into this cause. I appreciate you and I know the senior citizens and families of senior citizens do as well. Thank you.

Patrick Perez, Sheriff, 12/22/2009

Again, thank you for freeing Lieutenant Williams’ calendar for his attendance at the 2010 Davenport Senior Voice Expo. His seminar was an added benefit for our seniors!

Dennis Conard, Sheriff Scott County Iowa, 6/2/2010

I am pleased to announce that the Office of the Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan and the Illinois State TRIAD have selected Lieutenant Kevin Williams as an Outstanding Elderly Service Officer…The seniors of Kane County are very fortunate to have such a committed Lieutenant as Kevin Williams.

Erin Ruebbelke, Program Specialist, 6/11/2010

It is obvious the passion and compassion that he has for his position and for the citizens he serves. Lt Williams is a credit to your department and to his profession.

Bernie Thompson, Manteno Chief of Police, 11/22/2010

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